Mike & SherriGreat food and great atmosphere!
DwayneExcellent wings! Uhmm, Uhmm.
JasonHad a great time at Hopkins!
ChrisFood was excellent and the service was very good. I loved the atmosphere and the house definitely has alot of character. Haunted too..... I loved watching the Creepy Canada video while sitting in the place it was filmed. Very nice resturant I will definitely be back!!!
ROBBIE HOSKINSLove the website! Looks GREAT ROB
MadelaineLoved the buffalo wings! House is gorgeous! Although.. I was sitting at a table, and I looked into the corner of my eye, just a glance, looking at the couple beside me, and there was a tall, lady like figure standing there, all black, like a shadow. My heart started pounding, and I told my friend. It's time to go. I would definitely come back, although I think "minnie" was mad, because I said something insulting, I said I didn't like the way the house was set up , and I didn't like the colors. But, life's all about taking adventures, and I happened to have a great one last night.
TaraHi, I just want to thank you for the amazing meal my boyfriend and I had on June 18th...A very special day to me as it was my birthday. Jackie was our server and she made us feel so welcome. 5 gold stars to her! The place is amazing and everyone who lives in or visits Moose Jaw should check your place out. Thank you!
Dean, Julie Froese/Dave, Pat WannerMy sister, her husband from Regina, and us from Herbert, have made Hopkin's a yearly tradition spot to celebrate our wedding anniversaries together. Good food and even greater service!
BrittanyGreat food and Great atmosphere but a little creeped out... A chair cushion had fallen off when my grandma got up to go for a smoke and my cousin put it back on the chair and there was nothing there. Grandma was not to keen on the wait for food and sat up to find a knife on her chair! Then an cousin was hit with a spoon in the leg. We later heard that the plants in the house all died due to silverware in the pots that were not there when things were planted. CREEPY!
gladys tokarOne of very best evenings I have ever had.... the food was amazing... the decor is delightful... and the service was way beyound my expectations... 5 stars +++ will definately be back again and again.
eric my family wanna to go to Hopkins Dining Parlour
Susan OsborneWe visited your restaraunt for my mom's 70th birthday in early November. The food, drinks and most of all service was outstanding! Great Job and Thanks A Lot!
Giuliothis place was our favourite in 1983, my friends and I would gather and enjoy terrific dinners! I'm from Italy and I know one thing or two about good food.... Keep up with the good work!
AlgisThank you! We have good time ! Flyttstädning Stockholm
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