7¼ unless otherwise stated

Classic Caesar
1 oz Vodka, Clamato, Spices, Pepperoncini

Bacon Caesar
1 oz Vodka, Clamato, Bacon Hot Sauce, Bacon

Prime Caesar
1 oz Vodka, Clamato, Spices, Horseradish, Prime Rib

Southwestern Caesar
1 oz Vodka, Green Bean Clamato, Chipotle Hot Sauce, Green Bean

Dill Pickle Caesar
1 oz Vodka, Clamato, Pickle Juice, Spices, Dill Pickle

Annie Hoburg
1/3 oz Butter Ripple Schnapps, 1/3 oz Bailey's, 1/3 oz Jagermeister, Cream, Cinnamon

Cream Soda
½ oz Cherry Whiskey, ½ oz Banana Liqueur, 7-Up

Georgia Peach
½ oz Peach Schnapps, ½ oz Southern Comfort, OJ, Grenadine

Bartender's Rootbeer
1 oz Rootbeer Schnapps, Cola, Cream

Jack Daniel's Lemonade
½ oz Jack Daniel's, ½ oz Triple Sec, 7-Up, Lemon Juice

Fuzzy Navel
1 oz Peach Snapps, OJ & Soda

Hard Candy
½ oz Raspberry Vodka, ½ oz Peach Snapps, 7-Up, Lime

1 oz Whipped Cream Vodka, OJ

½ oz Forbidden White Chocolate Liqueur, ½ oz Whipped Cream Vodka, Chocolate

Gummy Bear Martini
½ oz Raspberry Liqueur, ½ oz Triple Sec, ½ oz Blue Curancao, Lime, Grenadine

Chocolate Covered Cherry
1/3 oz Raspberry Liqueur, 1/3 oz Kahlua, 1/3 oz Vodka, Cream, Chocolate

1 oz White Rum, Fresh Mint, Sugar, Soda

1 oz Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Soda, Lime

Chocolate Squirrel
1/3 oz Frangelico, 1/3 oz Amaretto, 1/3 oz White Creme de Cacao, Milk

Soo Line Sling
¾ oz Gin, ¼ oz Cherry Whiskey, Lime Juice, OJ, Grenadine

Negroni Orange/b>
½ oz Campari, ½ oz Gin, Orange Juice

Bounty Hunter
1 oz Coconut Rum, Chocolate Syrup, Cream

1 oz Bailey's, 1 oz Kahlua, Chocolate Syrup, Cream

Mai Tai
1 oz Dark Rum, 1 oz White Rum, 1 oz Coconut Rum, OJ, Pineapple Juice

Fruit Punch
½ Banana Liqueur, ½ oz Melon Liqueur, ½ oz Triple Sec, ½ oz Peach Schnapps, OJ, Pineapple Juice, Strawberries

Old Fashioned
2 oz Jim Beam, Sugar, Bitters


McClelland's Single Malt
Old Pulteney
Robert Burns

Red Wine Bottle

Folonari Valpolicella (IT) 35
Torreon de Parades Carmenere (IT) 39
Trapiche Melbec (ARG) 24
Lindeman's Cawara Shiraz (AU) 30
*Wayne Gretzky's Cabernet Sauvignon (CA) 39

White Wine Bottle

Santa Margherita Valdadige Pino (IT) 39
*Wayne Gretzky's Great White (CA) 39
White Zinfandel (USA) 25
Jacob's Creek Chardonay (AU) 29

House Wine Peller Estates (CA) Glass  8½   ½Litre  14    Litre   24

Peller Estates Shiraz
Peller Estates Dry Red
Peller Estates Pino Grigio
Peller Estates Dry White

**On occasion, we have "feature wines" by the glass on special**
(Ask your server)


On Tap   20 oz. 6½                                                 Ask server for other available sizes

Domestic  6¾
Kokanee, Coors, Bud Light, Budweiser, Big Rock Traditional Ale, Calgary, Pilsner, Canadian, Canadian 67, Bud Light Lime

Imports & Craft Beers  7¼
Corona, MGD, Guinness, Heinekin, Alexander Keiths, Well’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale, Well’s Banana Bread Beer, Belgian Moon Ale, Granville Island

House Brands Liquor  One oz.  6½    Two OZ. (Parlour Size) 7¾

Parlour sizes may be "splits" for just ¾ (.75) more

Wiser's Special Blend Rye
Captain Morgan's White Rum
Lamb's Dark Rum
Long Island Ice Tea
Smirnoff Vodka
Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
Tanqueray Gin
Bartender's Root Beer

Flavoured Vodkas & Rums   

Raspberry                                    Grape                                   Vanilla                                   Caramel