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Good Times You Can Taste

Hopkins Dining Parlour is Saskatchewan's most unique restaurant with Victorian decor and antique furnishings. Great prime rib, seafood, steaks and 22 flavours of wings. Open 7 nights a week for dinner - Tuesday through Saturday for lunch.  

The Wayne Pierce family purchased this house in July 1978 and began searching for information on E.N. Hopkins, and collecting items for the restaurant immediatly. Antiques, collectables, pictures, stained and leaded glass and woodwork have been purchased from far and wide. As far away as Europe, Mortlach, Chaplin, Morse, Regina, McCord, various other places and of course Moose Jaw. Many of these items have been completely restored by the Pierces. The designing was done by the well-known James Parsonson Design Shoppe in Saskatoon.

We Hope that you, as guests of our house, will enjoy the fine food atmosphere of our parlour.  Within walking distance of the mineral spa, the
underground tunnels and our marvelous murals.

Hopkins Dinning Parlour is proud to be the "2009 MJ BEX Business Excellence Pioneer Award Winner!"

Parlour (par/ler), n. 1, a room for conversation and the reception of visitors, in a private dwelling, inn or club; 2, in England, a family setting. North American usage, PARLOR.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday- 4PM-Close


Wednesday- 11:30AM-Close

Thursday- 11:30AM-Close

Friday- 11:30AM-Close

Saturday- 11:30AM-Close

Sunday- 4PM-Close